Ryan Wheaton and Jamie Mell

SHELTON — Two former City of Shelton employees have formed a partnership in owning John L. Scott Real Estate and Guardian Property Management Services.

Jamie Mell, former city clerk, and Ryan Wheaton, former city manager, recently purchased the Shelton businesses from Kristy Buck, a Realtor and Port of Shelton commissioner.

“We’re just starting this new adventure and we’re just going to keep on building ont eh foundation that Kristy has already placed,” Mell told Jeff Slakey, host of iFIBER One News Radio KMAS’ Daybreak! morning show on Thursday.

Mell has a real estate license and formerly managed Buck’s John L. Scott and Guardian Property Management office for about six years.

Wheaton said his partnership with Mell was an opportunity to stay connected to Shelton, where he grew up and attended high school.

“I’m back in Puyallup from day to day and will continue to work at Pierce Transit, and enjoy the people I work with, and I love the job,” Wheaton said.

Wheaton has worked as executive director of planning and community development at Pierce Transit since shortly after he resigned as Shelton city manager in January.

“I know that Jamie will be very successful moving forward and so coming in as an investor and partner in the business is very exciting opportunity for me,” Wheaton said.

While John L. Scott is a real estate sales company, Guardian Property Management Services handles rental and lease properties.

Real Estate Broker Mell said the sister companies are growing.

Buck will continue as a real estate agent and port commissioner.

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