Roy Lee Lewis, 62, Glenoma, WA, died January 21, 2018 at Morton Hospital.

Kenny Alec Packard, 68, Rochester, WA, died February 23, 2019 at their residence in Rochester.

Donna Louise Mori, 78, Olympia, 78, died February, 28, 2019 at Providence Centrallia Hospital.

 Beckyann Rogers, 63, Shelton, WA, died March 2, 2019 at their residence in Shelton.

William Alvin Minor, 73, Randle, WA, died March 3, 2019 at Arbor Health Morton Hospital.

Thomas Gene Doty, 65, Hoquiam, WA, died February 20, 2019 at their residence in Hoquiam.

Joseph Wallace Girard III, 83, Olympia, WA, died February 24, 2019 at Providence St. Peters.

Steven Wayne Gray, 56, Shelton, WA, died February 14, 2019 at their residence in Shelton.

Norval Grant Johanson, 88, Olympia, WA, died February 22, 2019 at their residence in Olympia.

Marvin G. Likes, 78, Shelton, WA, died February 17, 2019 at Oakwood Haven II- Cenralia.

Ralph Ruel Kennicott, 82, Belfair, WA, died February 21, 2019 at their residence in Belfair.

Bonita Marie Lien, 72, Ocean Shores, WA, died February 18, 2019 at their residence in Ocean Shores. 

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