Mason County Assessor Patti McLean and Tom Gibbons from the Assessor's Office talk with us about how Notice of Values have been sent out. They also talked about how values are determined and how property owners have 30 days to appeal.

Join Jeff Slakey and Spencer Hughes to help you get through the morning with the latest in local news around the South Sound of Washington.

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Richard Harris

Our monthly tax bill looks more like a mortgage payment...I guess our only relief is to vote against the school levies!

Robert Smith

Correction. $213,600 for 2017 and $242,900 for 2018. Still the same 13.72 % increase.

Robert Smith

University of Washinton Runstad Department of Real Estate reports median home price in Mason County was $213,600 for 2018 and $242,900 for 2019. That equates to a 13.72% increase. Zillow says a 6.9% increase. I like our Assessor's 6.0% increase the best.!! Good job. Keep those taxes as low as you can. Refreshing to see an Assesor who works for the people.

Robert Smith

Attended Mason County Realtors Association Conference. Assessor is doing good and keeping taxes low for us waterfront people. Tax increases much lower for us. Keep it simple.

Tom Davis

“Keeping taxes low for us waterfront people?” The local realtor’s association is a poor arbiter of market value or appropriate assessor performance, as their commissions depend largely on valuing homes at below market value. But if your objective is to save a couple of bucks on property taxes at the expense of starving funding for law enforcement then don’t complain when your “waterfront” neighborhood is overrun by crime and drug addicts.

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