SHELTON - The Shelton Police Department has arrested one unidentified man who was allegedly impersonating a Shelton police reserve officer.

According to Shelton police, authorities received reports on Thursday of an unknown man posing as a police officer.

After recognizing a possible suspect in the case, authorities confirmed late Thursday night that the suspect has been booked into the Mason County Jail for criminal impersonation.

Police said the suspect does not have any prior contact with Shelton police, and it is currently unclear why he was allegedly impersonating as a police officer.

"Shelton PD continues to encourage anyone who may have information, or who may been stopped or contacted by someone impersonating a law enforcement officer to contact the Shelton Police at 360-426-4441," police said Thursday night.

The man was reportedly driving a black Ford Crown Victoria with several antennas, a prisoner cage, and a push-bumper, police said.

The vehicle looks like an unmarked police cruiser but was not associated with any law enforcement agency. Authorities said they suspect the male suspect was also believed to be associated with a black Lincoln sedan style vehicle, which reportedly has a type of siren or public address system installed.

Per law enforcement, the man was reportedly bragging about performing traffic stops and law enforcement related contacts in the evening hours of the day, in and around the city limits of Shelton.

The man was also alleged to be wearing some type of uniform that resembles a law enforcement officer and claiming that he is a Shelton Police reserve officer, according to Shelton police.

“It is not illegal to have a vehicle that looks like an unmarked police car, however, once you start falsely representing yourself as a law enforcement officer, you are committing a criminal offense,” said Captain Mike Fiola. “If you have recently been stopped by someone you think may not have been an actual law enforcement officer, you are urged to call the Shelton Police Department and report the incident. All officers, troopers and deputies will properly identify themselves upon request during a traffic stop.”

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