Skookum Inlet

SHELTON — On Tuesday, the Russell Family Foundation out of Gig Harbor announced a new round of grants totaling $770,000 that support Puget Sound restoration efforts as well as education and grassroots leadership.

$40,000 was awarded to Forterra, to aid its efforts to purchase a conservation easement for 816 acres along the southern shore of Little Skookum Inlet in Mason County.

Forterra is a land conservation, stewardship and community building organization with offices in Seattle and Tacoma.

Funding for this project will aid Forterra NW’s efforts to purchase a conservation easement for 816 acres along the southern shore of Little Skookum Inlet, including two miles of shoreline and three salmon-bearing creeks.

Skookum Inlet is known as a critical habitat for threatened Chinook and steelhead, orca, river otters, shorebirds, crustaceans and forage fish, as well as a keystone for water quality, outdoor recreation, forest products and rural jobs in Puget Sound.

"Securing this property on Little Skookum Inlet will maintain the quality of marine and fresh water sources critical to the health of Puget Sound and its diverse wildlife species. Moreover, conservation will allow the public continued access to hike, hunt and fish on the land," stated Forterra on their website.

Founded by George and Jane Russell in 1999, The Russell Family Foundation provides a way for their extended family to make a positive impact in the community. The foundation does so by funding local, regional and global change through community investment in causes including grassroots leadership, environmental sustainability and global peace.

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