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SHELTON - On Friday, Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries released information listing businesses across the state that were penalized for COVID-19 violations.

Recently, a gas station in Shelton received what appeared to be the largest fine among businesses that had been fined since July.

The Agate Store has $7,500 penalty to pay for not enforcing employee or customer mask use and other non-COVID safety violations, according to L&I.

The Agate Store has appealed.

L&I has cited 20 businesses for mask violations since July because of EOC complaints and a few public complaints that came directly to the agency.

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CA Anderson

I was in Walmart a week ago and customer took mask off 1 ear, let it hang on the other ear when he started coughing and then put it back on when he finished a coughing spell. So should Walmart get fined? So if a customer is outside and gets gas and then comes in without a mask to pay. Does the store refuse the money?

CA Anderson

I doubt that little store nets that much money in several months. This could bankrupt them.

Lee Carr

While I highly support wearing a mask to prevent Covid spread, the fact that the mask mandate in our state wasn't adequately enforced from the beginning of the pandemic makes it that much more difficult to enforce it now that people are quarantine fatigued and tired of tired of hearing about masks. Let's be honest, I don't know one single person who actually enjoys wearing a mask, including health care workers.

If everyone had worn masks everywhere, doje social distancing and stayed home for just 6 weeks, this would have all been over already. Unfortunately Americans don't seem willing to agree on anything anymore.

As to businesses enforcing the mask mandate, I don't think that the government understands the stress that places on individual businesses. It creates a possible point of friction between the business and the regular customers of that business. These are potential rifts that may not heal and could have extended economic consequences for the business.

The other pan of the scale is that the owner of a business might, of their own accord, and without a government mandate, decide to not serve customers who don't wear a mask, just to protect the health and safety of their valued employees, themselves and their families. In choosing to add that requirement for their customers, the business assumes the responsibility/liability for enforcement of their own edict.

Where is the happy medium here? Or is there one?

Patti Kleist

Phin Rat - Are you the owner?

Phin Rat

It's pretty funny that you should use the word comply cuz I'm not buying into the science at this point over 6 months of mass wearing and yet we still have these so-called spikes and let's take a real hard look at the numbers less than 1% are dying so I'm sorry if I can't take this so-called pandemic so serious. However it does have all the traits of government control telling us what we can do what we can't do when we can do it when we can't so hey if you're over 60 and you're at high risk I've got a thought stay the heck at home Don't come into my house or my business and tell me how to run my life.

Gerardo Elizararras

I think if customers dont want to use masks is their problem but they have to think about everybody else because is for safety and all the employees need to wear a mask for their own safety because the way it is now you never know who has the virus

Bob Edwards

How is anyone suppose to enforce masks on customers?

Joseph Cote

That's easy, Bob. They aren't wearing masks, they they don't come in. They don't get gas, NOTHING. When are these fools going to learn that this is not the flu. It is serious and deadly. until all the businesses enforce the rules, then nobody is safe. EVERYBODY must comply. Look at Fl. and Wisconsin. They have to shut down.

Zachery Poteet

Joseph Cote you speak as if the flu doesn't claim lives?

Ginger Swanson

Of course the flu claim lives but no where near the covid-19 virus. Here are some facts about covid-10 and the flu by John Hopkins. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi7lISlzZbtAhXVup4KHb_BCloQFjAJegQIAxAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jhsph.edu%2Fcovid-19%2Farticles%2Fno-covid-19-is-not-the-flu.html&usg=AOvVaw0f3-IPu-yp0J4B0dzTC_R1

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