SHELTON - Imagine yourself running between work and errands for ten hours straight, now envision yourself  walking through the door of your home and collapsing onto the couch thankful that the day is over. But there’s still one big task ahead of you, you still have to turn on the air conditioner and its nearly as hot inside your home as it is outside, so you’re unable to fully relax.

Now, picture yourself with iFIBER Communications high-speed internet, lightning fast internet that can grant you access to a fully functional smart thermostat or air conditioner that remembers your schedule, turns off when you leave the room and is operable from your phone should you want to power on the A/C well before your arrival without having to leave it on all day costing you money.

The latter can happen but you’ll need to do some browsing and shopping first. 

The following are the top 10 smart air conditioning and air conditioning control devices that can help you save coin while cooling your home with the utmost convenience. The following products were ranked by Gadget Review:


#1-5 ranking courtesy of Gadget Review


#6-10 ranking courtesy of Gadget Review

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