PUD 3's Finance Department

PUD 3's Finance Department, L-R: Sara Montalto, Kathy Peabody, Sherry Speaks, Dawn Myers, Stephanie Schuffenhauer.

(SHELTON, WA) -- Mason PUD 3 today received its 41st consecutive clean report from the Washington State Auditor’s Office on the PUD’s financial management, operations, and compliance with state laws and regulations.

PUD 3 officials met with representatives of the Auditor’s Office today to review the results of the annual examination.

“Clean audits are a testament to the sound policies and high standards that our employees follow,” said Annette Creekpaum, PUD 3 manager. “Today’s report shows that our financial management and day-to-day operations continue to help us achieve our mission: Connecting our community with safe, reliable, economical, and sustainable services, 24/7.

An audit team from the Washington State Auditor’s office worked with the PUD’s internal auditor and finance team for the last two months to complete financial and accountability audits. Additional staff in other PUD departments also helped with the audit. The financial statements were found to be fairly presented and had no material or uncorrected misstatements. In the areas examined during the accountability audit, SAO found the District operations complied, in all material respects, with applicable state laws, regulations, and its own policies, and provided adequate controls over safeguarding of public resources.

This year’s audit was also conducted while PUD offices were closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Because we were closed, the entire audit was conducted remotely,” Creekpaum said. “PUD staff worked hard to provide responsive documents and be available for questions.”

“We sincerely appreciate District staff… for their assistance during the audits under these unusual circumstances…” read a portion of the exit conference memo from the State Auditor’s Office. “All of the staff we worked with were professional, polite, and very helpful. We also appreciate the diligence of the staff to obtain and provide documents to us electronically and in a timely manner…”

The PUD also received a clean audit for its efforts to meet requirements of the Washington state Energy Independence Act. The utility is one of 12 in the state that must obtain a certain percentage of its power from qualified renewable energy sources and cost-effective conservation.

PUD 3 has received 15 consecutive Certificates of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the International Government Finance Officers Association of the U-S & Canada. The PUD’s annual reports have also won honors from the Northwest Public Power Association and American Public Power Association.

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