plum street village

Plum Street Village

As many of you know, the City of Olympia is sponsoring Plum Street Village Tiny House Village, helping people in our community transition out of homelessness. Here is a letter we recently received from one of the guests:

"My name is ------, I live in number -- at Plum Village in Olympia Washington. I moved to Olympia from California in 2019, when I arrive to Olympia I was homeless, scared, and facing the unknown. I first stayed at the mission, Then I was lucky enough to get a tent and what I call the immigation camp In downtown Olympia. There is where I called home for about four months, it was hard and scary and things are happening around me I was not used to. My son ------, he told me about what he called the tinyhomes (Plum Village) He told me there I would be safe, my belongings  would be safe , And I could seek employment, And have a place to shower, and rest my head. I went for an interview with John Brown, and he asked me many questions, and explain the rules of Plum Village to me. After the very kind interview, he handed me the keys to number --. For the first time in many months I felt secure and safe. Through the months that I stayed the case managers Cierra Driscoll, and Sarah would help me seek Employment and help me to find permanent housing. I got a job at The ------ as a housekeeper. I was very excited that at my age -- I actually found a job and did not know exactly how  to thank everyone involved for believing in me. I worked at The ------ for many months, saved up and now I am able to move to my own permanent home. I would like to thank everybody involved, Cierra Driscoll, John Brown, and the security officers Brian, Tim, Joe, Evan, and Ron. With all that Lihi has done for me, giving me back my self-worth, my pride, it has also humbled me That all these people not knowing me just going by my word and what I told them, had faith in me, and they took pride in their job for what they do for all the villagers. I don’t believe I have all the words that could express all the experiences I’ve had at Plum Village number --. But I believe now I’m a better person, I have more faith in myself, I have more self-esteem, and that there truly are people  At Plum Village that can help you turn your life around. I cannot speak for everybody here, but for the many that I’ve seen come and go some of the ones that are here now They feel the same way I do. Thank you Lihi, Plum Village, and all the staff.     

Sincerely ------, Villager number --."

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