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Let’s take some time during this quiet weekend at home to take care of ourselves and connect with our loved ones. Unplug, replenish your energy, and engage! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Dance party! Try listening to your favorite music, exploring new singers and genres, singing out loud, and dancing to the beat by yourself or with loved ones.
  • Are you crafty? Would you like to be? Take out your knitting, sewing, painting, and other crafty projects! And share the love! Can you teach a friend to crochet over Skype?
  • Play board games. There’s nothing like a fun board game to get us laughing and engaged. Monopoly, checkers, chess, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit. Just be sure to call an end to the fun before it devolves into a brawl.
  • Walk. Take a stroll outside. Hike on your favorite nature trail. Wave to your fellow walkers from a safe distance.
  • Garden. We are at a perfect time to begin to plan our gardens for the spring and summer. A vegetable garden is great exercise and, eventually, helps you eat more vegetables.
  • Watch spring unfold. Of course, nature doesn’t need a garden to grow. Choose a tree or flower to watch each day as spring nears. Watch how the leaves grow and blossoms unfold. If you have children, teach them to measure the growth with a ruler, or have them take pictures.
  • Read to a child. Our kids are stressed and worried. And they love you! Skype a child and read a book to them this weekend. They will love it and so will you. (Don’t forget to do the voices!)
  • Practice gratitude. Thank someone who has to go to work — a health care worker, grocery store employee — anyone who is unable to stay safe at home. They are putting themselves at risk to keep us happy, fed, and healthy.

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