adopt a  pet covid
In March of 2020 Covid-19 hit our community. At that point Adopt-A-Pet had 18 dogs in house waiting for their loving and forever homes. Our facility was closed to the public, our volunteers followed the Stay Home order, and there were four volunteers at AAP 24/7 caring for the AAP dogs.
We had to think outside of the box to find our dogs their families. AAP Adoption staff diligently worked from home receiving and reviewing applications on-line. They would contact the best fit family, and that family would come to the AAP parking lot to meet our dogs. This worked beautifully. In March there were 10 adoptions, April had 5 adoptions, May had 4 adoptions, and June had 5 adoptions. We were so grateful for our community members being patient, understanding, and giving our dogs just what they needed – a loving home.
These 7 dogs we had in house were called our Superhero’s. Sherry Simon, our photographer, came up with a terrific idea to commemorate our Covid-19 Superhero Dogs by placing them in capes!
What better way to showcase these dogs?!
Left to right back row: Daisy Girl, Charlie Brown, Oakley, Milo
Left to right front row: Huntley, Fern, Goose
We got down to our 3 veteran dogs Huntley, Fern, and Goose who have been at AAP the longest, and as of this week Huntley has been adopted. These amazing dogs really shinned with the one on one training, quieter environment, personalized care, and bonding.
For 41 years AAP has been your Mason County dog rescue. We will continue to be here for the community and our dogs.

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