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Under Sheriff Jim Barrett presented to two of the three County Commissioners yet another method to justify and correct the Sheriff's and other elected officials, salaries. Barrett shared a method and a Kitsap County Resolution for the County Commission's consideration. the resolution set salary assignment for elected officials as a percentage of the superior court judges' salary. The percentage was based on the responsibility, authority, and accountability regarding staff and programs, and budget of each elected office.

Per Barrett, this takes the "emotion" out of the decision, offering a reasonable solution to Mason County's current salary "compression", and "salary alignment" as a result of prior wage freezes. Barrett added the resolution could be suspended if there was an inability of the County to pay (due to a recession occurred again).

Barrett's last request was for any changes be approved and incorporated in the 2017 Budget considerations.

The Commission announced, Human Resources Manager Dawn Twiddy is working on a "Salary Analysis" of these positions, with the Analysis to be completed by 8/29/16. Barrett requested the Kitsap Resolution to be included and considered in Twiddy's "Analysis" of the salary alignments. According to Twiddy , information regarding her analysis will be posted on the County website by the end of the month.

click here for a copy of the Kitsap County Resolution:

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