OLYMPIA  — Voters should receive Thurston County Auditor’s Office primary election ballots for Aug. 6 beginning Friday.

Candidates and local measures on the primary ballot include:

  • City of Lacey council: Position No. 1, Jason Hearn, No. 2, Lenny Greenstein, No. 3, Lynda Zeman.
  • City of Olympia mayor, Cheryl Selby, and council members Position No. 2, Jessica Bateman, and No. 3, Nathaniel Jones.
  • City of Tumwater, council member Position No. 1, Leatta Dahlhoff, No.2, Tom Oliva, No. 3, Joan Cathey, and No. 7, Neil A. McClabnahan.
  • City of Tenino, mayor, Wayne Fournier, No. 2, George Johnson, and No. 4, Jonathan Stephenson.
  • City of Yelm council: Position No. 1, Ej Curry, No. 2, Molly A. Carmody, and No. 6, Joe DePinto.
  • Centralia School District No. 401-L: School Board Director Position No. 2, Kim Ashmore, No. 3, Robert Fuller, and No. 4, Jami Lund.
  • North Thurston Public Schools: School Board Director, District No. 1, Grethen Maliska, No. 4, Graeme Sackrison, and No. 5, Dave Newkirk.
  • Olympia School District No. 111: School Board Director, District No. 1, Frank Wilson, No. 2, Joellen Wilhelm, and No. 4, Hilary Seidel.
  • Tenino School District No. 402: School Board Director, District No. 2, Ryan Hilton, No. Tamara Schroder, No. 4, Jeffrey Copeland, and No. 5, Forrest Bergin.
  • Yelm Community Schools: School Board Director, District No. 2, Donna Edwards, No. 3, Denise Hendrickson, and No. 5, William F. Hauss.
  • Thurston County Fire Protection District No. 9 (McLane Black Lake): Proposition No. 1
  • West Thurston Regional Fire Authority (Rochester): Proposition No. 1.
  • West Thurston Regional Fire Authority (Littlerock): Proposition No. 1.

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