LACEY (VIDEO) — A big crowd gathered at Lacey City Hall Wednesday night to hear founder Ryan Leisinger speak about the history of sasquatch in Washington.

Leisinger, who’s day job is working I.T. for the state of Washington founded in 2013. He says the sites main objective is to focus on the culture, history and importance of Bigfoot in Washington.

Leisinger says Washington leads the nation in reported Bigfoot sightings. He says Bigfoot popularity and cultural impact has skyrocketed in the last few years.

"This is one of those times when we're definitely seeing a rise in popularity," said Leisinger.

Leisinger concluded his speech with a Q and A portion allowing attendees to ask questions and share alleged Bigfoot sightings.

Bigfoot enthusiast Misha Relston says her first Bigfoot sighting occurred two years ago while camping in the Nisqually Valley. She and her husband often go on Sasquatch lookouts and travel across the state to attend Bigfoot events and gatherings.

"Our Friday night 'date night' is to going out in the wood to listen, and to observe," said Relston

Leisinger says Bigfoot enthusiast use his site to share sightings and plan future gatherings across the state. Those interested can visit for more information.

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