Burger Claim

BELFAIR — A new restaurant will be coming to Belfair this Monday offering a special gift to a local charity.

Burger Claim and more, a restaurant specializing in breakfast food, burgers and more, will be opening in a new location Monday at 24171 Highway 3 in Belfair.

Burger Claim and more will be donating all proceeds from opening day to the North Mason Food Bank.

“Excited to share their commitment to our North Mason communities, they have generously offered to donate the day’s profits to North Mason Food Bank. We invite you to show your support for these new local business owners and North Mason Food Bank by planning to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on June 24th!” said North Mason Food Bank in a Facebook post.

Along with breakfast and burgers, Burger Claim and more will offer dinner plates, a full service bar and will add fresh seafood items to the original menu.

Burger Claim’s second and original restaurant is located in Centralia.

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Brigitte Laliberte

I cannot believe you trash Jack Johnson this way. I know first hand that Jack does whatever he can to help others. He rents some places for way under market value and apparently is under-appreciated for his efforts. Spreading false information is just hurtful and wrong. The Jack Johnson I know is a fair and decent man and I don't think he deserves this sort of review. Shame, shame people.


First, they are not local owners. They live over an hour away. Hope they enjoy the commute in the winter. Second, Jack will raise the rent and allegedly cheat them on triple net charges. Its called dealing with the devil.

jeff hemb


jeff hemb

hopefully jack johnson does raise the rent on them like he does to every other business that is located on his property's

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