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SHELTON – The Shelton City Council elected a new mayor, Councilmember Kevin Dorcy, and re-elected Deputy Mayor Deidre Peterson at their meeting on January 7, 2020.

The elections came after City Clerk Donna Nault swore in Councilmembers James Boad, Kathy McDowell, and Deidre Peterson. Councilmember Boad fills the seat of former Councilmember Gary Cronce, who retired last year.

Deputy Mayor Peterson read a letter from former Mayor Bob Rogers announcing his resignation from the Shelton City Council, effective January 7, 2020. In his letter, Mayor Rogers thanked Shelton residents “for their trust and support.”

City staff and the Council are beginning the recruitment and application process to fill former Mayor Rogers’ seat. A special Council meeting will be held to conduct interviews, and will be open to members of the public. 

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gary yando

What will be the requirements for this open position and for how long will it last? How do you become a participant in the process?

Mary Ricker

The requirements for the City Council position are that you are a registered voter and you must have lived within city limits for at least 1 year prior to applying. Applications can be found online ( or at the Civic Center, Chamber of Commerce, Shelton Timberland Library, or the Shelton School District administration office.

The new Councilmember's term will last from February 18 through the certification of the November 2021 election results.

A public meeting will be held on February 11 for Council to interview candidates. All applications will also be posted on the City's website for public review from January 31 through February 5.

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