SHELTON — City Manager Ryan Wheaton gave the city commissioners a glimpse of the city’s preliminary 2017 budget.

Wheaton projects revenue will grow 6 percent. 

Debt continues to be a concern, growing at a rate of $270,000 a month, Wheaton said. 

Despite that there is not concern about the city's ability to repay it, he said.

Wheaton, however, said the debt will play a major role in building the 2017 budget.

Projects underway and on the horizon are of concern and under review with the possibility of canceling some of them, the city manager said.

Two water system improvement projects are under review: The Angleside pump station and the Mountain View pressure zone.

The Angleside pump station is not working after a project to improve the water tower’s storage capacity. The new Mountain View water tower west of U.S. Highway 101 at Public Works Road has no customers, city officials said. 

Other projects on the horizon are 3,9, and 17 years old. The so-called Pear Orchard Park and Ride project is 17 years old. The downtown creeks and Evergreen safe routes projects could be cancelled for lack of city funding. 

Mayor Gary Cronce said he felt compelled to speak to the issue, saying there was no one person responsible for the city’s existing financial situation.

Decisions were made, and all were hopeful the money would come in but it has not, Cronce said.

Cronce expressed faith and confidence in city staff to work through the issue.

The mayor said the city has to stop borrowing money for future infrastructure improvements.

City Finance Manger Cinnamon Brown gave a brief overview of the preliminary budget numbers .

The budget will be posted on the City's website for citizen review on the city's website. 

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