The site in red at 2828 Martin Way in Olympia is the proposed location of a 60-unit apartment complex to house the homeless.

OLYMPIA — City of Olympia officials are talking about development of a 60-unit apartment complex for the homeless a year after the the city purchased property at 2828 Martin Way.

Through a partnership between Interfaith Works and the Low Income Housing Institute, 60 new shelter beds and 60 supportive housing apartments are being planned for the site.

A community meeting is planned at 6 p.m. July 22 at VFW Post 318, 2902 Martin Way E to share information on the proposal.

City officials considered a sanctioned camping site or a tiny home village on the acreage.

Based on feedback from the public, the city decided shelter and supportive apartments were the best use for the property. Those plans were discussed at a November neighborhood meeting at the VFW post, which is next door to the property.

Interfaith Works operates a 42-bed shelter in the basement of First Christian Church downtown. That shelter is in a converted church basement. It lacks showers and lacks other basic facilities we expect for our most vulnerable homeless neighbors, city officials said.

Supportive housing for single adults is a key need identified in Thurston County’s Homeless Housing Plan. 

The city plans on selling the property to the Low Income Housing Institute, which hopes to develop the property and operate it in partnership with Interfaith Works.

That agreement will be contingent on funding from the state Housing Trust Fund and other public funders.The city has allowed construction contractors to use the property temporarily to stage construction equipment for the Intercity Transit Pattison Base Frontage Improvements . That project is unrelated to the housing development.

The city had the first preliminary meeting with the development team on June 12. 

The development team will come back for a recommendation for approval of a site plan in the future. That meeting has not been scheduled.

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Garrett Bu

[angry] we dont need to degrade olympia even more run them out the more support they get the more they will stay here. They only stay here because people are willing to give a hand out. There will never be a motavation for people to try and better themselves if it is made so easy. People come to oly because it is well known that you will be taken care of and you can get by on other people's generosities there is only one way to stop this. Keep the change!!!!!

Rob Ht

Wow, another backwards step for our community! I cannot imagine the devaluation of the neighboring properties, not to mention what the neighbors will suffer. The city's homelessness ignorance has now stopped some downtown projects. So sad.

Tammy Hart

How is it backwards giving shelter to our homeless? Not only are you ignorant you're selfish also, putting downtown projects above families , children& human lifes . Shame on you !!!!. SO SAD is our world is full of cold hearted selfish people like you

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