Brockdale Path work

The City of Shelton is renovating a section of the pathway along Brockdale Road between Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Island Lake Drive.

SHELTON – Work is set to begin this month on a pathway rehabilitation project along Brockdale Road in Shelton.

The project runs along Brockdale between Island Lake Drive and Wallace Kneeland Boulevard.

Tree maintenance, removal and stumping are planned in the first phase of work. Work will take about a month to complete and the pathway is closed to pedestrian traffic.

City Administrator Ryan Wheaton said tree roots were damaging the walkway and required removal.

In February 2016 the city applied for and received a Risk Reduction Mitigation Grant from Washington Cities Insurance Authority for $35,000 to repave and rebuild Brockdale Road path. 

City crews in August used a zipper machine to grind and recycle the existing asphalt path and will install new pavement when tree removal is complete. The city contracted tree removal, stumping and grading along the path. 

The grant will cover the cost of tree removal and stumping, and the cost of materials to replace the walkway. 

For more information, call Public Works at 360-426-9731.

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That was SUPPOSE to be done by the time school started, according to the City. They had at least half the summer to get it done. Figures.

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