A roundabout is part of the Shelton Downtown Connector Project.

SHELTON — Construction on Shelton's Downtown Connector Project is scheduled to resume in late February. The project has been on hold for the winter season since the first of December.

Alder street between 1st. St. & 2nd St. and 6th St. & 7th St. will remain closed until roadway improvements are complete. It is anticipated that the entire Downtown Connector Project will be finished in early June 2019.

The Downtown Connector Project includes the complete revitalization of the West Alder Street/Olympic Highway North corridor North 1st Street to West C Street. The estimated $4.3 million dollar project will feature new asphalt streets, sidewalks, streetscapes, street and pedestrian lighting, ADA ramps, stormwater upgrades, and intersection improvements, including the first roundabout in Shelton.

The $4.3 million dollar Downtown Connector Project is fully funded through a combination of competitive grants, partner contributions, and direct state appropriations.

“I am pleased with the progress that has been made on these much needed improvements to one of Shelton’s major roadways,” said Public Works Director Craig Gregory. “I am confident that we are on track to complete the project as scheduled. We are grateful to the community for their patience and understanding as we work to complete one of the largest infrastructure improvement projects undertaken by the city in recent history. It takes time, but the lasting benefits to our city’s transportation system is worth the effort.”

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