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SEATTLE (May 13, 2020) – Delta Dental of Washington announced today it will be offering four months of financial relief in the form of a 25-percent premium reduction* to its policyholders, totaling $30 million. With dental offices having been closed for all non-emergency procedures, Delta Dental is focused on providing value back to its customers during this unprecedented pandemic.

“With many dental offices closed and people having limited access to their benefits, providing these funds back to our customers is the right thing to do,” said Delta Dental of Washington CEO Mark Mitchke. “We are a mission-driven company guided by core values and principles. Doing what we can to support our customers through this very trying time is what matters the most right now.”

Delta Dental’s policyholders do not need to take any action to receive the relief. The monthly premium  reduction will be applied automatically to the customer invoices for coverage beginning July 1; any customers who have paid on an annual basis will receive a refund. 

“We’re all seeing the widespread impacts of this pandemic and look forward to the day when this crisis is behind us and we can return to our new normal,” added Mitchke. “In the meantime, we have an important role to play in helping our customers, our subscribers, our provider partners and our employees.”

The financial relief for Delta Dental policyholders is the latest in support efforts around the state. In March, Delta Dental of Washington provided more than $23.5 million to its in-network independent dental practices in the form of grants and advance claims payments to ensure practices would be able to reopen and serve communities.

Shortly thereafter, Delta Dental of Washington supplied $30,000 for the statewide distribution of oral health kits to school districts, food banks and senior service organizations plus more than $350,000 in community giving grants from Delta Dental and its Arcora Foundation to philanthropic foundations, hunger relief organizations and nine community-based nonprofits providing food and other essential services to those in immediate need including families, seniors and other vulnerable populations.                   

*Qualified Dental Plans whether or not sold through Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange and DeltaCare® managed care plans are not included in these reductions at this time. Self-funded groups will see a reduction in their monthly administrative fee.          

Additional information on Delta Dental and Arcora Foundation’s community support is available at

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