Former City of Shelton Finance Director leaves her Mason County Superior Court pretrial appearance Monday.

SHELTON — The embezzlement trial date for former City of Shelton Finance Director Cinnamon Brown was reset for August after Brown failed to appear for a pretrial hearing in Mason County Superior Court.

Brown’s defense attorney, John J. Minarik, told superior court Judge Toni Sheldon that Brown was hospitalized at the time of the pretrial hearing and could not make her court appearance.

Sheldon agreed to quash a May 1 warrant issued for Brown’s arrest for failure to appear.

Sheldon rescheduled Brown’s trial for as early as Aug. 8 and as late as Aug 21.

Brown in February pleaded not guilty to two counts of forgery, two counts of second-degree theft, a count of financial fraud and two counts of electronic data theft during her late February arraignment in Mason County Superior Court.

The charges stem from Brown allegedly cashing her paychecks more than once, Shelton police said.

One of the charges made, her last paycheck, was discovered and the bank charges were reversed, totaling $2,426.57.

City finance staff then conducted an internal audit from which two more fraudulent checks for Brown were discovered totaling $4,632.07, according to City Manager Ryan Wheaton.

Wheaton said the discovery was made after Brown was fired on Nov. 14, two months after Wheaton hired her. She was fired for poor job performance and the findings against her had not yet been discovered.

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