SHELTON — Crews will be working to complete all final paving on the Downtown Connector Project in Shelton starting Wednesday through June 21st. Once final paving is complete, all streets in the Downtown Connector Project construction area will be reopened.

"At this point, we’re anticipating that will be by the end of day on June 21st. There will still be minor periodic closures throughout the project area while crews work on final details until project completion, such as roadway striping, installing new signage and landscaping. However, extended closures on Olympic Highway North, Northcliff Road, and the 1st & Alder intersection will no longer be necessary. Hang in there! We’re almost done!" a City of Shelton news release stated.

The 1st and Alder intersection is scheduled to reopen on June 18th.

"Crews are well ahead of schedule on improvements to the 1st & Alder intersection. The intersection was originally scheduled to be closed through the end of July, however, great spring weather and extra efforts made by Waunch Construction and City crews have allowed for an early reopening," said city officials.

Olympic Highway North will get another layer of blacktop once the 1st & Alder intersection is reopened. In an effort to minimize the impact on downtown traffic, Olympic Highway North will remain open while crews are paving in the project area between Front Street and 7th Street and Birch Street and Pine Street.

Once the 1st and Alder intersection is reopened, Olympic highway North will be closed between 7th Street and D Street for 2-3 days for final paving.

All businesses near the 1st & Alder intersection are open during construction. 

The easiest way to access the business complex on the west side of the 1st & Alder intersection is from West Birch Street between 1st Street and 2nd Street. Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation and City Center Motel can be accessed from North Front Street. Subway is accessible from East Pine Street.

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