A mill buidling on Agate Road in Shelton was destroyed Monday morning.

SHELTON — The Camco lumber mill building in Shelton was destroyed by fire Monday morning.

No one was injured. 

Central Mason Fire Department responded to the fire at 8:15 a.m at 6400 E. Agate Road where they found the 200-by-200-foot structure engulfed in flames, Fire Chief Tim McKern said. 

“Crews decided their best plan of action was to protect the nearby warehouse, house and propane tanks,” McKern said.

The big concern, the fire chief said, was no fire hydrants at the location.

“But several [fire] agencies provided water” rolling in water tankers, he said. 

Fire districts 3, 4, 6, 11 and 16, responded along with the North Mason Regional Fire Authority and Mason County Sheriff’s Office. Mason County Public Utility District 3 arrived and cut power to the property. 

Another concern was several propane tanks were located near the mill building, he said.

Despite the destruction, McKern said there was good news. 

“The owner was very pleased there was several million dollars worth of  (wood) product that was saved,” McKern said.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation but McKern said it could have been some kind of equipment failure.

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David Hamilton

Thankfully the fire was able to be contained before it spreaded to the nearby storage warehouses which could cause explosions and made matters worse. Good weather conditions made it easier for firefighters as opposed to strong winds which could have caused even more chaos during the incident. It was fortunate no lives were lost as the emergency response came immediately after the call.

Caitlin john

Fire is a very dangerous thing. I always tell my kids at the which essay writing service is the best home to careful around fire because there are just so many cases gone wrong because of fire.

Tom Davis

And SPI has one less competitor to worry about.

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