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MASON COUNTY, WA — Mason County Treasurer, Lisa Frazier is exercising her authority under RCW 84.56.020(10) and has implemented a program that will forgive interest and penalties for those taxpayer who are unable to pay their property taxes by the April 30th, due date.  Mason County Treasurer, Lisa Frazier confirmed Mason County property taxes are still due April 30, 2020.  

The Emergency Extension Application form is available online at  Completed emergency application requests should be emailed to emf@co.mason.wa.usSubject Line – Emergency Extension or mailed to Mason County Treasurer’s Office, Attention: Emergency Extension, PO Box 429, Shelton, WA, 98584-0429.   Applications forms must be received on or before the April 30th, due date.

“It’s a delicate balance trying to assist our property owners affected by this pandemic and ensure our local government operations have funding to continue serving our community.  To help our affected taxpayers.  I intend to forgive interest and penalties to those in need who complete and return an Emergency Extension Request Form by April 30th, 2020.   The extended due date for those requesting an extension will be June 1st, 2020.

To respond to the economic impacts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mason County Treasurer is encouraging property owners who are financially able to pay first half or full year property taxes early to fund essential services needed now and in the months to come.

Anyone who is able to pay all or part of their 2020 property taxes by April 30th, 2020 will help us provide essential services in response to COVID-19 and help offset the revenue we don’t receive from those who can’t pay right now.”

The Mason County Treasurer’s Office is not currently open to the public.   Property tax payments must be paid online, by mail (postmarked on or before due date) or drop box (located at 411 N 5th St).

Online payments using credit/debit cards or electronic checks may be made at or by calling the Treasurer’s Office at 360-427-9670 Ext 475. The 2.5% fee charged by the service provider for credit card payments remains unchanged.  Payments made with a Visa Debit card is $3.95, the cost of eCheck has been temporarily reduced to $.50 during this crisis.

“For less than the price of a stamp, you can pay your property taxes by eCheck online.  This facilitates payment and assists our department with property tax collection by reducing hands-on mail processing that does not allow for working remotely.”

Taxpayers can also check with their financial institutions for options using “Bill Payer”.

Taxpayers with active escrows through their mortgage companies should see no changes.  Mortgage Companies have been collecting tax payments in advance of the April 30th due date and have the ability to make those payments timely.

For more information, contact the Treasurer’s office at 360-427-9670 Ext. 475.  We are currently working with limited staffing and limited office hours. Current Office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Dwain Friedlander

With greatest respect, isn't this just a 30 day extension?

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