On Tuesday evening March 24, 2020, a Mason County Deputy was involved in an Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) in the Mason Lake area. During an investigation, our Deputy was on foot when a suspect appears to have tried to run over the Deputy. The Deputy was hit by the vehicle and at some point fired his weapon at the suspect. A short pursuit ensued and ended a few miles down the road. Aid was rendered by the Deputies and EMS but the suspect expired enroute to The Mason General Hospital.
This investigation has been turned over to the Region III Critical Incident Investigation Team (CIIT), member agencies include: Thurston Co. Lewis Co, Grays Harbor Co, Mason Co, Pacific Co. and The Washington State Patrol. Thurston County will be taking the lead for the investigation.
The CIIT Commander for this OIS is Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Ray Brady. Any PIO requests should be directed to him at or call him at 360-485-2413.

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crystal badour

Funny how they conveniently forgot to mention that the 32 yr old girl that was shot was not wanted for any violent crime, didn't have a weapon at all & was shot 8 times in the chest. Then shot again in the head after she was out of her car & on the ground bleeding to death. I highly doubt she died on the way to the hospital after being shot in the face.

Linda Julian

Mason Lake "area" encompasses a lot of acreage and homes. Where did this happen in the "Mason Lake Area"?

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