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SHELTON — While Mason County department heads face hard decisions such as hiring freezes, layoffs and service cuts, the county’s Human Resources Department is hiring.

During the county’s February hiring freeze, county Human Resources Manager Dawn Twiddy sent out a notice announcing three newly created positions to displaced personnel, encouraging them to apply for newly created job openings in the county’s Support Services Department.

Twiddy said county department managers and elected officials could “reorganize” their departments to help them meet their budget cut targets.

Support services recently laid off at least three positions — a grant writer, a financial analyst and a human resource analyst.  New positions created are financial analyst, human resource analyst and risk manager/loss control coordinator.

Twiddy said the new positions were offered to all employees targeted to be laid off at the end of July.

See the attached PDF of the email notice announcing the newly created positions and copies of the new job descriptions, to some of the personnel affected by the budget reductions.

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Reality Check

Interesting........There is a Receptionist/Secretary position posted on the Count's employment page and a Financial Analyst posted at Both are in Support Services and I know for a fact that two of the previous employees who were laid-off were not sent this info or given a chance to accept the positions before posted.........

Matthew M

Yet again Support Services is trying to pull the wool over Mason County citizens eyes. They laid several employees off (or transferred them to different departments) to save money, then posted 3 new jobs (basically the same just with lower pay) and in the briefing this afternoon were trying to get increases for at least 4 remaining employees since they will be having to do the extra work from the employees that were laid off. How is this saving money? How is this even ethical? And of course all this is happening 'after' all other departments (not just the Sheriff dept) had to make substantial cuts. When are the commissioners going to quit padding their departments?


This is typical sleazy Mason County politics! Frank Pinter (and before him Bill Kinney) consolidated power under support services a few years back. This was for control purposes, to be able to shield and hide from county commission vital information. The commission is now, under this system on a need to know basis. Now the Commission only has to listen to Support Services Director Frank Pinter and NOT directly to the reports of various department heads. How convenient. Then Mr. Pinter ‘lays off’ staff, many of which were in conflict with him for his micromanagement, poor budgetary skills and horrible personnel management skills. But wait…he then advertises new positions at drastically lower wages and proceeds to fill them with inexperienced ‘yes’ persons who won’t question his woefully inept skills. Way to go Frank!
How did we get here? One needs only to look at Frank Pinter. The starting balance of 2016 budget numbers was off by almost exactly the same amount that the county is now short. FACT: FRANK PINTER MESSED UP THE BUDGET….HIS MATH AND PREDICTIONS WERE SIMPLY OFF! Do a public information request of the spreadsheet and fact check. Why does Mr. Pinter get to keep his job for this royal mess up while others lives are decimated?
As to the Sheriff’s office. They are greedy and selfish. Sheriff Salisbury spends most of his time politicking, trying to increase his personal salary and increasing his staff and budget. Look I grew up in a megalopolis believe me I know crime, and Mason County is NOT crime ridden. Residents, stop being afraid and stop letting the Sheriff’s department scare you into allowing them to commandeer 48% of the total budget! Yes 48%! The sheriff’s department needs to step down and stop requesting an ever-increasing budget. We have given the department new cars, new boats and a huge increase in deputies! Stop doing salary and staff comparable statistics based on larger more profitable, more populated counties.
Is this the way we want Mason County to go? Do we want to be a County whose sole mission is to incarcerate the ‘bad guys’? Do we want Mason County’s sole industry to be Criminal Justice? I simply do not believe after 30 years of life in this county, that the sheriff office needs the funding and staff to the extent that it has. This is empire building on behalf of the Sheriff and it needs to stop! By the way, Mason County residents, do the math…the Sheriff’s office is facing the largest percentage of cuts because they hold the largest part of the budget pie….simple math. They are not being ‘picked on”. Math does not lie; they are gobbling up a majority of the resources.
Ultimately, the fault rests with the commissioners;
1. They allowed the sheriffs office to bully them into a huge budget increase that was not sustainable. The increase is 60% from 2009 to 2017! HUGE!
2. They allowed director Kenney and now Director Pinter to become a de facto County Administrator (not a real position) and hide the facts of each department from them.
Pure laziness on their part.
3. They continue to Keep Frank Pinter in position, free of any wrongdoing, even though nearly every county elected is on public record having recommended that Frank not fill Director Kinney’s vacated position.
By the way, all you Tim Sheldon haters can go sit down. Sen. Sheldon predicted this before his retirement from the commission, as he tried to stop the financial hemorrhage. He defeated by the tax and spend democrats on the board, repeatedly.

Sue Ickes

I am very concerned the direction that the Commission has been taking and I think this is a good example of their methods. I do want to say that I understand times are tight, and budgets should be cut of all non-essentials. But in the course of telling their departments to cut their budgets by 7.3% I didn't see that they would take a pay cut of 7.3% or how they resolve to maintain public safety by such deep cuts to the Sheriff's.

andrea ballew

This would be funny if I didn't live here. No wonder this county is screwed with people like this!

Thomas Nevers

This will go over like a pile of heifer dust. Any guess as to whom the jobs might go?
Hmmmmmmmmmm. Typical Mason Co officials however. Grant writer is way more important than the other two!

Randy Lewis

I'm confused - the County eliminated the positions of financial analyst and human resource analyst, and now have "new" postings for the same two jobs?

Tom Davis

I don’t know what you’re “confused” about, Randy. If I’ve learned anything watching these two commissioners over the past 4+ years, is that they tend to purge employees with opposing views and replace them with loyalists. How do you think we lost our acting Budget Manager, the Dir. Of Public Health, the Public Defender Dir., and now, our Grant Writer? What we have here are a couple of public servants who won’t tolerate being told they’re wrong, which is precisely why we are in a $2M hole, with a $4M deficit looming next year. What's so confusing about that?

Randy Lewis

Hi Tom - Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like there are other agendas being served underneath the budget cut umbrella. BTW I think you are doing God's work with all the things you do for the vets in our community

Tom Davis

Thanks Randy. If you have a direct line to the man upstairs would you let him know we have a couple of County Commissioners down here who could use a well-placed lightning bolt?

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