SHELTON — Mason County PUD 1 has decided to implement water conservation earlier than normal this June due to severe drought designations in the Olympic Peninsula

PUD officials are asking residents to limit all outdoor watering to every other day, including even numbered days for even numbered addresses and odd numbered days for odd numbered addresses.

Residents are asked to water in off-peak hours and set timers to run overnight and early morning.

“We are concerned that the drought, coupled with peak periods of usage, could cause drinking water shortages, and cause pressure loss and contamination on our systems,” PUD officials said in a Facebook post.  “We ask that you please voluntarily help us conserve to avoid these issues."

PUD officials said these voluntary conservation methods will become mandatory if an emergency occurs.“If we run into an emergency, we will implement mandatory conservation measures on that system and communicate the response plan with all the residents. Let's hope it doesn't come to that though!”

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