SHELTON — Challenger Irene Bowling was trailing incumbent state Sen. Tim Sheldon after the first count Tuesday of general election results in Mason County.

The Bremerton resident fell behind Sheldon, of Potlatch, with 8,466 votes, or 48.01 percent, to Sheldon’s 9,168 votes, or 51.99 percent.

Sheldon has served as Mason County’s 35th District senator for 27 years and has often caucused with senate Republicans, an issue of political identity that Bowling hammered home during her campaign.

In the race for District 3 county commissioner, Sharon Trask was leading Kevin Schmelzlen after the first count of ballots rolled in on Election Night Tuesday. Schmelzlen garnered 8,800 votes, or 47.37 percent, with Trask earning 9,778 votes, or 52.63 percent.

After the first vote count Tuesday night, 19,452 ballots were counted out of 39,191 registered voters for a turnout of 49.63 percent. The next count of votes is set for 4 p.m. Wednesday with vote certification scheduled Nov. 27. There are an estimated 5,800 ballots left to count.

Other primary Election Night results in Mason County:

• In the race for county auditor, Paddy McGuire was running ahead of Charles G. Robbins, 9,031 votes, or 51.17 percent, to 8,619 votes, or 48.83 percent.

• Legislative District 35 incumbent Republican Rep. Dan Griffey was ahead of Democratic challenger James Thomas with 11,235 votes, or 59.09 percent, to 7,777 votes, or 40.91 percent.

• Legislative District 35 incumbent Drew MacEwen, R-Union, was leading his Democratic challenger David Daggett by 10,190 votes, or 53.65 percent, to 8,805 votes, or 46.35 percent.

• In the race for Mason County assessor, Pattie McLean was leading Melody Peterson by 9,656 votes, or 53.82 percent,  to 8,286 votes, or 46.18 percent.

• Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury was easily leading with 12,002 votes, or 65.59 percent, over his challenger, Darin Holland, with 6,296 votes, or 34.41 percent.

• Incumbent George A. Steele held a strong lead for Mason County District Court judge with 9,402 votes, or 59.41 percent, to his challenger, Eric Valley, with 6,424 votes, or 40.59 percent.

• Republican challenger Susan Huthison was leading over incumbent U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell with 10.069 votes, or 52.39 percent, to 9,149, or 47.61 percent.

• Congressional District 3 Incumbent U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, D-Gig Harbor, was ahead in his race against Douglas Dightman with 7,929 votes, or 52.22 percent, compared to 7,255 votes, or 47.78 percent.

• In Congressional District 10, incumbent U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, D-Vancouver, was handily leading his challenger, Joseph Brumbles, with 2,284 votes, or 58.04 percent, to 1,651 votes, or 41.96 percent.

• Initiative 1631, the measure proposing a carbon tax to fight pollution in the state was losing big in Mason County by 13,297 votes, or 69.19 percent no, to 5,992 votes for, or 30.81 percent.

• Initiative 1634, the measure to tax certain food items, was winning in Mason County 12,334 yes, or 64.21 percent, to 6,876 no, or 35.79 percent.

• Initiative 1639, the measure to control certain firearms, was losing in Mason County by 10,439 votes against, or 54.22 percent, to 8,814 votes no, or 45.78 percent.

• Initiative 940, the measure for additional deadly force training for police officers, was narrowly passing in Mason County by 9,753 for, or 50.8 percent, to 9,444 no, or 49.2 percent.

• The races for Mason County clerk, coroner, treasurer and prosecutor were unchallenged.

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