Mason County Public Utility District 3 headquarters in Shelton.

SHELTON — Mason PUD 3 will celebrate 80 years of service to the community with a customer appreciation day Tuesday at its Johns Prairie Road headquarters in Shelton.

Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available to customers who visit the PUD 3 offices between 11:30  a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

The PUD will also distribute a book on the history of the utility. The book chronicles the formation, growth, challenges, and successes of Mason PUD 3 over the last 80 years. One book per household will be given out to PUD 3 customers.

"After a hotly contested 1934 election, local voters approved the formation of PUD 3. Five years and a Washington State Supreme Court ruling later, the PUD began serving a small number of customers in May 1939," a PUD 3 news release stated.

"Today, Mason PUD 3 covers a service territory of about 600 square miles and serves nearly 34,000 customers with 98% carbon-free energy. PUD 3 also operates a wholesale fiber optic telecommunications network, which supports the operation of its electric distribution services."

The PUD is well-known in the utility industry for its high standards of financial management, reliability, and commitment to its community.

In March, Mason PUD 3 was presented with its fourteenth consecutive international recognition for the quality and completeness of its financial reporting. http://www.ifiberonenewsradio.com/news/local_news/mason-pud-receives-international-recognition-for-financial-reporting/article_670e8f40-4102-11e9-9036-679ea6fec9e0.html

Mason PUD 3 recently earned their 40th clean audit report from the state.http://www.ifiberonenewsradio.com/news/local_news/mason-pud-earns-th-clean-audit-report-from-state/article_19fb5748-96d8-11e9-aacc-fb0d9b22635c.html


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