SHELTON (VIDEO) — It was a special morning on Shelton Springs Rd as Shelton YMCA advocates unveiled the official YMCA sign at the home of the future building.

South Sound YMCA President and CEO Kyle Cronk spoke to the small crowd of community members and volunteers about the significance of today’s event.

Cronk the said plan is to break ground in October with an 18-month construction schedule.  

"We wanted to get the sign up to let all the people that are driving by know that, hey, Mason County Shelton is getting their Y(YMCA)," Cronk said.

Cronk said South Sound YMCA are still collecting donations for the project.

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Kristi Kopseng

I am so very excited to have The Y coming to Shelton. I drive to Tumwater weekly for my Y day now I will be able to go more often. Those people that think the local Gyms are going to be hurt are wrong. There may be a few people leaving these Gyms but it would be because they were not totally happy. Most Gyms do not have daycare, exercise classes for disability and cancer patients, youth programs or pools. And these Gyms don't make it easy for an older or over weight person to come and start exercising. Most don't have a clue where to start. The Y is about the community and safe and healthy people. YEAH The Y is coming. Sounds like April 2021 the doors will be open. The Y coming to Shelton is a win win. Healthy community

Amicus Curia

The existing private athletic club on 1st is like a giant incubator for legionnaires disease. A well ventilated modern facility designed for workouts would be welcome compared to one offering a public health hazard.

Richard Harris

The Y will be in direct competition with or two athletic clubs in Shelton. This is totally unfair when private, tax paying businesses are put or of business by a government subsidized entity. Where is the supposed void the y is filling... the isn't one yet... but there will be wenden or private gyms close their doors.

Kristi Kopseng

People who go to the YMCA can't get their needs met at these Gyms. The Y has programs for all people. And a pool and daycare and showers and Cancer group exercises and wheelchair group exercises. These two tax paying gyms you talk about do not have them or anything like them. So bottom line is the Y will make a healthy community and those gyms will keep running if the stay clean and update.

Harry Balzac

Is this the site of the Shelton Springs disc golf course? It would be a shame to see that go.

Vince Simoneau

No it's across the street.
Can't build on the disc golf course property/ watershed.

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