Report: Solar Power's Storage Problems Diminish Grid Stability

The Olympia City Council will consider authorizing a lease agreement for the city's largest solar array during their August 20th Council meeting. The Hummingbird Community Solar Project, proposed by the non-profit Olympia Community Solar, will be sited on the Hands On Children’s Museum. Olympia Community Solar has guided the development of this system for the past six months, and is looking to install the system by the end of the year. Olympia Community Solar has a model for solar development that would allow any member of the community to participate and receive benefits from the solar installation.  This is just the first of many projects Olympia Community Solar is planning in our region.

Many people face barriers to rooftop solar, whether they are renting their home or simply cannot afford the large upfront cost of a residential solar installation. Community solar leverages economies of scale and cooperative funding models to bridge the gap to clean energy. Through a collaborative membership model, anybody can become member owners in a large solar installation, then receive an annual payment for the power their portion of the system produces. Over time the initial cost is recovered, and the community reaps the benefits of cleaner energy.

“We’re trying to address the question of how can every person participate in, and benefit from the clean energy economy. Community Solar was done on the Olympia Farmers Market, and we can do it on the Children’s Museum.” stated Olympia Community Solar President, Mason Rolph.

Olympia Community Solar is a non-profit led by a group of Evergreen graduates that is dedicated to expanding access to clean energy. If you have any questions about Olympia Community Solar or our plans for the Hummingbird Community Solar Project please contact us at (360) 481-4020 or


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