• Now through the Sun, Jan 17th - much calmer than the past week. Residual floodwaters from the last several days will gradually recede. A couple of very minor weather systems will move through but additional significant impacts are not likely.

  • Mon, Jan 18th through Wed, Jan 20th - temperatures are expected to gradually decline, but again there is no indication of any significant weather systems.

  • Thu, Jan 21st - Wed, Jan 27th - The potential for lowland snow will begin to increase across Western Washington during the latter part of next week. However, there is currently no indication of "snow event" - meaning at this point there are no specific dates that can be identified where snow is more or less likely to occur during this time frame. Confidence is high that temperatures will be below normal during this period. In fact, there is a 20% chance of temperatures being MUCH colder than normal. There is less confidence in the precipitation outlook. However, even drier than average conditions during a period of below-normal temperatures in January can result in impactful lowland snow across Western Washington and other portions of the Pacific Northwest.

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