Fiber optics

Mason PUD3 plans to work on its fiber optic network.

SHELTON – A major upgrade project is scheduled Thursday for a key piece of equipment serving Mason Public Utility District 3’s fiber optic network. 

The work, between 1 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. will cause a temporary interruption to all who are connected to the service.

PUD 3 online and pay-by-phone service won’t be available during the work.

“PUD 3 will be upgrading a core router in its colocation facility in Shelton,” spokesman Joel Myer said. “The upgrade will provide increased capacity. The PUD’s core router is a fast and powerful piece of equipment. It manages a tremendous flow of data to sites and devices throughout the local fiber optic network. It’s processing power makes it possible for users to access the internet and other circuits at high speeds with reliable service.”

PUD 3 has notified retail service providers serving customers in the affected area.

If users have questions about their internet or other communications service, they should contact their Internet service provider, including iFiber Communications, 360-427-4000.

Information from PUD 3 about the work is available at 360-426-8255, extension 5882.

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