Mature marijuana in full bud at an indoor growing facility in Shelton.

SHELTON — Mason County marijuana retail, production and processing sales in 2016 have already eclipsed 2015 total sales by more than $3 million.

That according to the website, 502data.com.

The site reports that marijuana production, processing and retail sales in the county total more than $12.7 million so far in 2016 compared to about $9.3 million in all of 2015.

The report shows that Mason County now has 24 producers and processors, and six marijuana  retail shops.

Cannabis retail sales add up to $3.7 million so far in 2016 compared to a little more than $2 million in all of 2015.

Processor sales total $7.8 million so far during 2016 in Mason County compared to $6.2 million during 2015.

Of that sold, Mason County has more than $1.4 million in excise tax generated from cannabis sales.

The website figures that since they began retail sales have averaged $94.40 per person.

The biggest pot retailer in Mason County continues to be Shelton-based TJ’s Cannabis, Buds, Edibles, Oils & More, which has paid more than $901,000 in excise tax to the state since cannabis sales were legalized , according to 502data.com

The Root Cellar in Belfair has paid nearly $508,000 in retail excise tax since legalization.

Since July 2015 only retailers pay Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board tax, which is now 37 percent.

M&R Distributing is Mason County’s lead producer process with $5.4 million in sales since pot sales began.

State voters legalized pot in 2012 and the first sales took place in 2014.

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