LACEY, Wash. — Saint Martin’s Abbey has made a commitment of $3.5 million to Saint Martin’s University to support students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This marks the largest gift that Saint Martin’s Abbey has made to the University.

The gift was made for the sole purpose of providing direct emergency aid grants for Saint Martin's students to ensure those in need of the extra one-time support can continue pursuing their educational goals.

“For over a century, the Saint Martin’s monks have been educators. As Benedictine educators, we always have made every effort to make our education at Saint Martin’s accessible to all,” said Abbot Neal Roth, O.S.B., major superior of Saint Martin’s Abbey and chancellor of Saint Martin’s University.

“During these very challenging times, we continue to do so as we are able. I hope that our recent gift of financial assistance to our students will not only continue to make a Saint Martin’s University education accessible to them, but also will inspire others who are able to reach out in support of our students during this time of crisis, helping them to prepare well for their and our future.”

The grants to students will be made under the following title, "Abbot Neal G. Roth, O.S.B. Saints Care Emergency Grant," in part as tribute to Abbot Roth, who is retiring at the end of May after 27 years as abbot and chancellor.

“All of us are aware of the uncertainty COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on our community, especially families. Many have experienced significant financial setbacks related to the fight against this virus. We hope that students hold onto their educational dreams,” said Saint Martin’s University President Roy Heynderickx, Ph.D.

“Saint Martin’s Abbey has seen the University through many difficult times, this being one of the most challenging. We thank the Abbey for this generous gift at this time of need and for leading the way forward. Their direct support for our students exemplifies our common mission of serving others. Saint Martin’s University is blessed to have the Abbey as its sponsor.”

The grants have already resonated with those families of students applying to Saint Martin’s. "Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are for Saint Martin's generosity, donors, and excellence in providing such a wonderful opportunity for our children … Thank you, Saint Martin’s,” declared one family.

The grant is available to new and current students, undergraduate and graduate, including transfers. Current students can inquire with Student Financial Services ( / 360-438-4397). New students should reach out to their admissions counselors through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions ( / 800-368-8803) and the Office of Graduate Admissions ( / 360-412-6128).

President Roy Heynderickx and Abbot Neal Roth recently jointly announced the Abbot Neal G. Roth, O.S.B. Saints Care Emergency Grant on the University’s YouTube channel. The video can be viewed at the following link

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