SHELTON — The Shelton City council unanimously adopted a resolution Tuesday night in support of a public safety sales and use tax ballot proposal.

 If approved by Mason County voters on Aug. 6, the sales tax would increase to three-tenths of 1 percent. 

He said the city needs the additional funding because of limited state revenues to the city.

City Councilman Joe Schmit said he believed the proposal would help the city move forward in keeping up with growing public safety issues and demands.

Shelton Mayor Bob Rogers said he believes law enforcement should be able to protect the community and the proposal would help do that.

Because Shelton residents approved a ballot measure in 2011 to collect a one-tenth of 1 percent sales tax dedicated to public safety, approval of the ballot proposition would raise the tax by two-tenths of a percentage to a total of three-tenths of 1 percent within Shelton city limits.

If approved, the proposition placed on the ballot by the Mason County commissioners would authorize the county to implement a countywide three-tenths of 1 percent sales and use tax, split between the county and the City of Shelton, which would receive 40 percent of revenues generated.

It would increase the city’s annual revenue dedicated to public safety by about $830,000, officials said.

Criminal justice and law enforcement efforts in Mason County require a close partnership between the City of Shelton and the county, according to Shelton City Manager Jeff Niten. 

By 2036, new residents moving to the area are expected to bring the City of Shelton’s population to 23,416. Population increases require increased public safety measures to meet desired levels of service. Public safety is one of the primary responsibilities of local government. 

Additional funding for criminal justice purposes will permit the expansion of public safety service throughout Mason County, Niten said.

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