Shelton Police Chief Darrin Moody

SHELTON — The City of Shelton has seen a recent outburst in crime related assaults and retaliations within the community. Most recently, Shelton Police were called to a large brawl Sunday night involving two groups of men using metal pipes as weapons.

Shelton Police Captain Mike Fiola told iFIBER One News that Shelton police have seen a swath of assaults involving weapons. Fiola says there have been attacks involving knives, bottles and bats. 

Tuesday morning, Shelton Police Chief Darrin Moody issued a message to the Shelton community.

"These acts have been perpetrated by a select few who have had previous contacts with law enforcement and are familiar with our criminal justice system. One of the many difficulties regarding these investigations is the fact that victims and suspects have become increasingly inter-changeable," said Moody.

"On the night of June 30, the suspects and victims retaliated several times, and the victims were suspects later that same night. The groups that are committing these acts may possibly be involved in criminal gang activity. In each incident, it appears the suspects targeted the victims, and the victims of the assaults were not random."

"Both victims and suspects in each of the incidents listed below have been Guatemalan or Hispanic males ranging in age from 17-25 years old, most often, they have been intoxicated, and almost all of the victims have been uncooperative during the investigation, sometimes refusing medical care and assistance from law enforcement," said Moody.

On March 3, Shelton Police responded to an assault with a knife in the area of Loop Field. The following day Shelton police arrested the suspect who was booked into Mason County Jail for the stabbing. That subject was convicted but subsequently released on June 3. Since that time, the community has seen an increase in violent assaults in the city as well as unincorporated Mason County.

On March 12, Shelton police arrested a juvenile subject for suspension of driving under the influence. On March 17, Shelton Police again responded to a stabbing in the same area of Loop Field. A suspect was identified, who is a family relative of the suspect from the stabbing on March 3, and the same juvenile that had been previously arrested on March 12.

The suspect in the original assault on March 3, was released from custody on June 3. On June 23, a subject was stabbed near loop field. On June 27, a subject was assaulted with a bat near Loop Field.

On June 30, detectives were working with patrol officers to locate the suspects from previous incidents. They located and arrested the juvenile suspect from the stabbing on March 12, as he was going towards Loop Field. He was booked into juvenile hall for the previous assault.

On June 30 at approximately 4:30 p.m., several males began breaking the windows of a vehicle on Endeavor Lane in Mason County. It is believed the victims in this incident later went to an apartment complex in the 2000 block of Adams Street in Shelton to confront the subjects they believed had damaged their vehicle. This led to two people being assaulted with metal pipes. One of the victims that was transported to the hospital had a home electronic home monitoring device assigned through Mason County. The second victim that was taken to the hospital has a court date for a previous assault.

Later in the evening of June 30, a vehicle parked in an apartment complex on 13th Street was set on fire in retaliation for the earlier assaults.

"Police are working to identify all of the subjects involved in these incidents, and are working with responsible members of our community in an attempt to identify all of the suspects involved in these assaults and retaliations," said Moody.

"The lack of cooperation from many of the “victims” as well as the transient nature of many of the suspects and victims has made the investigation difficult. Shelton Police will continue working with local community groups to improve trust and communication while working hard to hold these individuals accountable for their actions."

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is encouraged to contact the Shelton Police Department at 360-432-5145.

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Ashley Dempsey

"they're not sending their best." Clean house. Problem solved!

Tom Davis

So what you’re saying is that Shelton can now add gang activity to high crime, poor public health and industrial blight to its list of amenities. If you close your eyes you can almost see Andy and Opie whistling their way down to the ole’ fishin’ hole.

David Hurst

let me are seeing is the escalation for earlier events if that doesn't point to the need to get a grip on this immediately then nothing does. This is not an issue that will solve it or go away.

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