City officials closed a building Monday after a car crashed into it at Cota Street and Second Avenue.

SHELTON — Police arrested a motorist who was charged with driving under the influence after he crashed his vehicle into a downtown Shelton building.

Shelton police Sgt. Mike Fiola said Teresa Ramirez Pablo, a 23-year-old Shelton resident, was erratically driving eastbound on West Cota Street at about 11 p.m. Sunday when an officer attempted to stop his vehicle, believing he might be drunk.

When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver fled at a high rate of speed heading east on West Cota Street, according to Fiola.

“We are very fortunate that no one was hurt or killed during this incident,” Fiola said.

In “less than 30 seconds” he drove off Cota at 2nd Street and crashed into a building at the southeast corner of the intersection, Fiola said. 

After striking the building, the suspect reversed the vehicle and struck the officer’s patrol car, hitting the push bumpers and causing no damage. 

The officer then pulled the suspect from the vehicle and placed the driver under arrest.

The incident was investigated by the Washington State Patrol.

The building struck sustained structural damage, and was inspected Monday by the city’s building inspection division. The building, which was not occupied at the time of the collision, is used by Son Rise Outreach, a religious organization that accepts clothing donations.

The organization's office near the Shelton food bank was closed Monday and signs stated the building was unsafe for human occupancy.


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