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The following press release was sent to iFiberone News Radio/KMAS by the Shelton Police Department to provide information regarding an internal investigation that also brought in the help of Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office for an impartial investigation from their department.  No further details have yet been provided, we will update when we get more information.  

July 22, 2019 an email was sent to Shelton police Department stating that a Shelton Police Officer was harassing and threatening his estranged girlfriend. The email was sent to the Shelton Police Department by a relative of the estranged girlfriend. Shelton Police Department opened an internal investigation in to the matter, based on the email.

Once Investigators were able to make contact with the estranged girlfriend to verify some of the alleged concerns, the Officer was immediately placed on administrative leave and voluntarily surrendered his weapons to Shelton Police supervisors.

Due to the fact that the people involved in this matter lived in Grays Harbor County, and to ensure an impartial and complete investigation, the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate the matter for any possible criminal violations. Once the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s office completed the investigation, and concluded that there were no criminal violations, they gave their findings and investigation to the Shelton Police Department to handle the internal investigation and any possible policy or ethics violations. During this period the Shelton Police Department also had numerous contacts with the complainant and her family, providing information regarding safety concerns, and information regarding anti-harassment or restraining orders if the family felt there was a need.  As part of any similar investigation, regardless of parties involved, concerns for the privacy of the complainant and their family are an important consideration for the Shelton Police Department.

Shelton personnel and ethics policies will be reviewed and appropriate discipline, if any, will be processed according to contractual obligations, state and Federal law.

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