A routine traffic stop led Shelton police to find heroin and illegal firearms in a vehicle Friday.

This story has been updated to explain why a suspect arrested in connection with narcotics and illegal firearms was released.

SHELTON — A routine traffic stop led a Shelton police officer to the Thursday arrest of a driver in a vehicle carrying illegal drugs and firearms.

Shelton police report that the driver was released, but they are working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for a series of drug and firearms charges against the suspect.

Shelton Police Chief Darrin Moody said the sheriff's office could not book the suspect into the jail because he had a "pre-existing medical condition."

Moody said his limited number of officers did not have the staffing to take the man to the hospital to enable him to be booked in jail.

Chief Criminal Deputy Ryan Spurling with the Mason sheriff's office said the man complained about stomach troubles to county corrections officers who took him to the jail nurse. The nurse said the suspect had to be cleared of his condition at Mason General Hospital before he could be booked in county jail.

"They had three or four beds available (in the jail) but chose not to bring him back," Spurling said of Shelton police.

Police reported that a patrol officer Friday morning pulled over the vehicle in downtown Shelton for a traffic offense. 

Officers said they arrested the driver for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, according to the police department. 

During the stop, officers said they could see items in the car that led them to believe there were illegal narcotics inside, the police department reported. 

After serving a search warrant on the vehicle, officers found suspected heroin and items used for selling drugs, such as a scale and baggies. 

Also inside the vehicle were three firearms, including an AR-15 rifle equipped with a “bump-stock,” which is illegal in the state. A .22-caliber rifle equipped with a silencer and extended magazine was also uncovered, according to police.

The vehicle was sealed and towed to the city impound.

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