SHELTON (VIDEO) — The first roundabout in Shelton is officially open for a spin. Drivers began taking their turns around the new single-lane circle roundabout on Friday. Located on 1st and Alder Street, the roundabout replaces the old 3-way stop.

Part of the downtown connector project, city officials say the roundabout is aimed to ease traffic and cause fewer accidents. iFIBER One news spoke with community residents who gave mixed reactions to the new roundabout.

Approved Capital funding will help build a second roundabout in Shelton at Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Shelton Springs Road.

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Kay Connors

I worked in Olympia a few years ago and the have gone roundabout crazy there the idea that if a little bit is good a lot will be better. One roundabout worked great and subsequent ones are mostly NOT. I ofTN saw bits of plastic crashed on the ground near them. They turned out to be GPS devices drivers, mostly truckers had thrown down and stomped on.

Kristi Hugz

I agree with Robert! there is no room to pull off if an emergency occurs and WHAT is with ALL OF THOSE ROCKS along the sidewalks? I know they may have thought it was good for draining, but I guarantee you someone at some time is going to pick one of those rocks up and throw it at a car..........bad idea shelton. I am curious as to who approved these bad ideas?

Ardis McPherson

I am just wondering why the round about wasn't placed on the street coming from highway 103, by the lumbermill. That's where the tie up seems to be, not Alder! Of course I am new in town, only one year, so am guessing there was a better reason, that I am not thinking of!

Robert McDonald

I do not understand the hill going past the library. Specifically what are all those traffic islands for? It seems to create a hazard, especially when emergency vehicles are trying to pass.

Cheryl Stewart

I like the roundabout. It's quicker, but will be interesting to see how it all works once school starts in the fall and the school buses start running again. Tell you what I don't like...the lack of a stop light on 4th. Getting across Railroad is a pain. If I'm trying to get to any of the businesses on Railroad, I have to take Cota or Grove and turn on 4th to 7th to take a right on Railroad. Why? Hard to see oncoming traffic.

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