SHELTON — There were 235 fewer crime victims in 2016 compared to 2015.

That according to Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling with Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

Spurling, during a Tuesday report to the Mason County commissioners, said fewer crimes improves the county’s image as it stacks up against other South Puget Sound counties.

Spurling and Undersheriff Jim Barrett presented the 2016 crime rate statistics during a briefing session.

Other crime statistics reported by the sheriff’s office:

• Homicides fell from 2 in 2015 to one in 2016.

• Larceny theft fell from 631 crimes in 2015 to 604 in 2016, a 4.2 percent decrease.

• Burglaries declined from 479 in 2015 to 357 in 2016, a 25 percent decrease.

• Auto theft increased from 111 crimes in 2015 to 134 in 2016, a 20 percent spike.

• Aggravate assaults fell from 71 in 2015 to 64 in 2016, a 9 percent decrease.

• Rapes increased from six in 2015 to 13 in 2016, a 116 percent increase.

• Robberies fell from 10 in 2015 to nine in 2016, a 10 perent decline.

• Arsons fell from 10 in 2015 to one in 2016.

The statistics are compiled with the help of Spellman Technologies system, and involve MACECOM emergency dispatchers placing crime-call information into the record system. Deputies add information into the system as it is reported. 

Spurling said the practice helps get information out to the field faster, and support the deputy’s ability to solve a crime faster and often identifies crime trends and information by location much faster. 

The Sheriff’s Office prefers to reference the number of crimes as the number of victims, as every crime has at least one victim. 

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john doe

Will someone from the MCSO please speak to the community about the VICTOR 43 designation used in the past to label and profile members of our community.
This discussion should include how this injustice will be investigated and assurance that all those involved will be punished, especially command staff who have covered these crimes up for years.
A check of past radio calls will show that there was a wide spread conspiracy in the MCSO for over a decade to profile and to deny all with a VICTOR 43 designation their basic rights.
I have personally complained and was yelled at and told that " maybe we won't show up when you call" , by a shift Sgt. which I took as the threat it was.
So when it's said crime is down does that include crimes by the MCSO???
If we allow the policed to police themselves nothing happens!!!

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