(ELMA, WA) – Representatives of Summit Pacific attended the Eleventh Annual Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) awards ceremony during the IACC Conference in Wenatchee on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

The event honored outstanding achievement in public works projects throughout Washington State. Summit Pacific was nominated by USDA Rural Development for their work in restoration to McDonald Creek, which runs through the Summit Pacific campus.

“This year Summit Pacific was nominated by USDA for an environmental stewardship award. We and the IACC board members feel that the district went above and beyond in its restoration of McDonald Creek, both during the construction of the wellness center and also the hospital,” said Ambrea Cormier of USDA Rural Development.

Along with the efforts to improve the health of patients, Summit Pacific has taken major strides to improve the health of the local environment while developing their campus grounds.  

During the construction of Summit Pacific Medical Center in 2011, a comprehensive reconstruction took place along a 1,400-foot stretch of the creek and eliminated what had been eight fish barriers. This was completed with the approval of US and State Fish and Wildlife. Through the process of stream rehabilitation, the creek was rerouted, and more than 3,000 seedlings were planted on the campus with the help of many volunteers.

Last year, in 2018, Summit Pacific began the construction of a new Wellness Center on the same property. Again, giving special focus to another McDonald Creek project to further enhance the area. By replacing a culvert on Oakhurst Drive, yet another barrier for the fish was removed.

Work continues along the riparian zone of McDonald Creek to ensure the health of the creek for years to come.

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