OLYMPIA — Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a person of interest in a 10-year-old cold case, charging the him with suspicion of second-degree murder.

Speaking at a news conference Thursday outside Thurston County Courthouse, Sheriff John Snaza said a man identified in court and jail records as Eric Lee Roberts, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the death of  Tenino mother of two, Nancy Moyer.


Roberts was in custody at Thurston County Corrections Facility in Olympia and is expected to appear in superior court at 3 p.m. Thursday.

Roberts’ arrest came after information led sheriff’s investigators to search a home in the 16500 block of Sheldon Lane Southwest, outside of Tenino. 

Thurston County sheriff’s detectives have worked the cold case for the past 10 years.

Roberts was living three doors down from the Moyer’s home at the time of the disappearance.

“We are still conducting the investigation of the original area” where suspected foul play took place, Snaza said.

The sheriff said Nancy Moyer and Roberts both worked for the state Department of Ecology.

We received information from the individual who resides there.

The sheriff said the victim’s body has not been found where investigators search.

"Until there's a body, we are not there yet," Nancy Moyer's husband Bill, said during the news conference he attended with 19-year-old daughter, Samantha.

“He does have some criminal background, which is domestic violence,” said Snaza, who was a deputy involved in the investigation of the case in 2009.

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