Transportation Benefit District

The City of Shelton's Tranportation Benefit District means more tax dollars are going toward road improvements.

SHELTON — The city of Shelton Public Works road crew is performing more road paving this summer as a result of an increase in Transportation Benefit District revenues.

“A lot of  that (Transportation Benefit District) money is going to good use,” Public Works Director Greg Clark told the city commissioners Monday night during their regular meeting.

The three commissioners unanimously approved funding options for Transportation Benefit District and Real Estate Excise Tax dollars raised. 

Their action allows the city Public Works crew to continue paving this month without administrative delay.

The commissioners approved 30 percent toward local street paving, 5 percent for nonmotorized transportation and 65 percent toward local grant match funding or city capital projects.

The commissioners discussed the funding allocations during a spring retreat but did not act on it at the time.

Clark said anticipated grow annual revenue from the Transportation Benefit District is $400,000. Of that, about $120,000 goes toward street paving, he said.

With the commissioners’ action, new City Administrator Ryan Wheaton was granted authority to direct budget funding for roadwork.

The City of Shelton established the Transportation Benefit District in April after voters approved it in 2015. Voters also approved increasing the sales tax by two-tenths of 1 percent to fund the district.

A happy Commissioner Tracy Moore said, “Thank you, citizens of Shelton.”

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