Work along U.S. Highway 101 at Lynch Road will make is easier for motorists to cross the highway, state transportation officials say.

SHELTON — Improvements to the U.S. Highway 101 and Lynch Road intersection should be completed in three weeks.

That according to Washington State Department of Transportation officials who say the project north of Kamilche will be striped once asphalt has cured.

The Department of Transportation anticipates both acceleration lanes will open to traffic by late October with work being weather dependent.

Newly completed paving and previous work laid the foundation for crews to build new acceleration lanes for Lynch Road drivers merging onto northbound and southbound 101. 

Other remaining work includes installing new highway lighting, reinstalling cable barrier and regrading and seeding the median.

Until work is complete, drivers can expect daytime single-lane closures in both directions of 101.

Traffic information is available with the WSDOT traffic app and by viewing Mason County highway construction and maintenance web page.

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Harry Balzac

Now that this project is being restriped, it’s clear that WSDOT has only delivered half of what they promised. As this proposal was presented at the May 2017 meeting, the plan would have blocked left turns from southbound 101 to Lynch Road, by routing that traffic to a new left turn lane at Brewer Road to proceed south past the drive-in theater to Lynch Road. That part of the plan would have eliminated the main collision hazard, but they scrapped it. As previous comments have noted, the acceleration lanes make no real improvement in safety for this dangerous intersection.

Harry Balzac

The state DOT made a public presentation of three alternatives back in May 2017, none of which included an overpass or traffic light. I liked the proposal for a frontage road behind the Taylor Shellfish property, connecting down by the Kamilche gas station. That would allow southbound drivers to use the underpass near the casino to access the on-ramp to US 101. Of course, DOT went with the less expensive proposal.

Martin Crabtree

Traffic light would work there

Martin Crabtree

Why don't they put a traffic light at the intersection like the one on Hwy 522

Jamie Thario

Why didn't they build an overpass? Seems to me acceleration lanes will help merging once you have already crossed traffic, but I do not see how they will help when you are crossing lanes.

Jamie Thario

How does adding two more lanes make it easier to cross those lanes? Yes, acceleration lanes will help with merging in, but no, it does not and will not help with actually crossing those lanes. Should have just built an overpass, would save far more lives.

ramiro flores

Great point. acceleration lanes will not make it easier or safer to cross. Over pass makes more sense We use this almost daily, maybe that's all the budget would allow. for. IMHO

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