Tim McKern

Central Mason Fire-EMS Chief Tim McKern at the Shelton City Commission meeting, April 19, 2016.

Update 1/10/2020 6:00pm: iFIBERONE News received new details regarding the Fire Commissions decision to place Chief Tim McKern on administrative leave at the January 8th meeting. Interim Chief Mike Patti told iFIBERONE that the fire commission wants to take the agency in a different direction. 

A special meeting is scheduled for January 15th at 3:00pm at Station 58, located at 122 W Franklin St in Shelton. According to the Central Mason Fire and EMS website this meeting is an executive session and no decisions will be made.

Shelton, WA- At the regularly scheduled Board of Fire Commissioners Meeting on January 8,2020, the Commissioners took action placing Fire Chief Tim McKern on Administrative Leave, effective immediately. 

At the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting on January 22, 2020, further action may be taken. No additional details were provided at the time of the press release

Deputy Chief Mike Patti, in partnership with the three Central Mason Fire and EMS Duty Captains, will be working together to ensure that operations and service to the public continue without disruption.

Deputy Chief Mike Patti has been named interim Chief. iFIBERONE News is working on getting more information.

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Jo Apple

Perhaps the board finally caught wind that CMFE command and Commissioner Kevin Shutty welcomes back responders that have been fired to command their responders via ILA's and the ICS. Cover-ups in Mason County are nothing new. Here are just a few on this site https://www.a-mason-county-fire-fighter.com

Colleen Morrison

VERY interesting reading, Jo Apple.

Sad and quite disturbing that this level of cover up and ‘good ol’ boys club’ behavior is apparently rampant within our community.

How does a City agree to remove vital information from a personnel file as well as agree to only respond in a positive manner when inquiries are made for future employment. In my opinion, this leaves the City of Shelton WIDE open as culpable in any future claims against Volk.

Watch Dog

The truth of the matter; Chief Mckern requested the commissioners to be on admin leave until 1-22-2020, and the commission agreed. During the time of admin leave he and his wife would consult legal council pertaining to the retirement package offered by the commission, the date of retirement would be sometime in April or May. The comments from Chief Patti seem accurate.

Tee Breeze

Seems we got the Who, What, When here but not the Why? Very incomplete report! WHY was he removed?

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