Metal bed inside solitary confinement cell

Interior of solitary confinement cell with metal bed, desk and toilet in old prison.

TUMWATER – As Washington joins the nation in celebrating Corrections Officers and Employees week (at Twitter) this week, the Department of Corrections (DOC) is proud to announce the winners of its Annual Agency Awards. The awards recognize employees for their continuous, outstanding work to improve public safety by positively changing lives as demonstrated by their accomplishments throughout the previous year.
“These award recipients serve as role models for their dedication and service to the department,” said Secretary Stephen Sinclair. “It’s a pleasure to be able to recognize our employees who go above and beyond to keep our communities and facilities safe.”
In total, 169 employees received agency awards out of a pool of 930 nominations.
Due to the governor’s Stay home – Stay healthy order (pdf) in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the department has postponed its regular Agency Awards ceremony normally held in April. Corrections plans to recognize employees in a formal ceremony at a later date.
The following Corrections employees received awards:
Petrine Marciniak Inspirational Award
Mitchell L. Bolden, Corrections Specialist, Stafford Creek Corrections Center
Leslie A. Bykerk, Corrections/Custody Officer, Clallam Bay Corrections Center
Bradly D. Carstensen, Corrections/Custody Officer, Olympic Corrections Center
Jacquelyn Dale, Office Assistant, Maple Lane Prisons Division
Equitable and Inclusive Workplace
Community Corrections Officer of the Year
Correctional Officer of the Year
Outstanding Performer
Community Partnership
Classification Counselor of the Year
Excellence in Service
Innovation Award
Team Excellence – Department Incident Management Team
Team Excellence – Warrants Unit, Office of the Deputy Secretary, Headquarters
  • Zachary J. Adam, Correctional Records Technician
  • Laura D. Blakely, Correctional Records Technician
  • Nataly Carriker, Correctional Records Technician
  • Shannon L. Gill, Correctional Records Technician
  • Kimberly L. Gutholm, Correctional Records Technician Lead
  • Shannon L. Hicks, Correctional Records Technician
  • Shaynna A. Humphrey, Correctional Records Supervisor
  • Ashley LeSergent, Correctional Records Technician
  • Donna L. Lontz, Correctional Records Technician
  • Thomas C. Lovell, Correctional Records Technician
  • Preston D. Reece, Correctional Records Technician
  • Sanders Wanell, Correctional Records Technician
  • Michael J. Sieg, Correctional Records Technician
  • Colin Swanson, Correctional Records Technician
  • Russell M. Wood, Correctional Records Technician
Team Excellence – West Seattle Field Office
  • Dae'Janae L. Anderson, Community Corrections Officer
  • Stacy L. Cabuco, Secretary Lead
  • Malachi E. Dunbar, Community Corrections Officer
  • Anne E. Hudson, Community Corrections Officer
  • Timothy R. Janson, Community Corrections Officer
  • Todd D. Johnson, Community Corrections Supervisor
  • Samantha M. Kerwin, Community Corrections Officer
  • Alan Lucas, Community Corrections Officer
  • Adam C. Melchiors, Community Corrections Officer
  • Donald J. Neyhart, Community Corrections Officer
  • Nolan Shilling, Community Corrections Officer
  • Lisa M. Smith, Office Assistant
  • Justin M. Stevens, Community Corrections Officer
  • Olivia M. Timothy, Community Corrections Officer
Team Excellence – Washington State Penitentiary Health Services Unit
  • Tiffanie M. Chaney, Registered Nurse
  • Edith E. Escapule, Dental Assistant
  • Michael T. Estes, Corrections/Custody Officer
  • Karen E. Forss, Health Services Manager
  • Renee E. Irwin-Suckow, Registered Nurse
  • Wendy S. Koenig, Registered Nurse
  • Adam B. Kolowinski, Corrections/Custody Officer
  • Elia M. Martinez, Dental Assistant
  • Jennifer L. Meyers, Physician Assistant Certified/Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Lead
  • Deborah L. Pomraning, Registered Nurse
  • Hugo J. Reyes, Physician Assistant Certified/ARNP Lead
  • Roy L. Sherman, Registered Nurse
  • John F. Smith, Medical Facility Director
  • Carol V. Stockhausen, Dentist
  • Brenda L. White, Dental Assistant

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