Firefighters spray water on a wildfire in west Shelton Wednesday.

SHELTON — Firefighters were battling a wildfire of less than an acre in a forested area on Shelton's west side.

The fire broke out around 1p.m. Wednesday between C Street West and Franklin Street West, about 200 yards west of St. Edwards Catholic Church.

West Mason Fire Chief Matthew Welander was at the scene and said winds were making for challenging firefighting conditions.

“We’ve got it circled up, now we’re just trying to put it out,” Welander told iFIBER One News.

Firefighters were undertaking some “structure protection” on the east side of the fire, but no evacuations were ordered.

Besides West Mason Fire, Central Mason Fire Rescue and Mason County Fire districts 4 and 11 were being joined by firefighters from the state Department of Natural Resources at the scene. Mason County Sheriff’s Office and Shelton Police Department were providing support as well.

iFIBER One News will update this story as more information becomes available.

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patrck louis

I think the majority of "homeless" are lazy scum who are willing to live under blue tarps as long as they don't have to work, they are happy to be immune to laws regarding littering,property rights,theft and more. Don't agree? Why don't you invite some into your home for a while and see who's right?

Charity Burton

We seen a homeless guy heading into the wooded area off of Franklin st at 10 am thismorning. That's probably how that started.

Josh Johnson

That is a sad statement to make. Homelessness is not the cause of everyone’s problem or every issue that arises or every bad thing that happens. There are millions of wonderful homeless people that are just struggling. Rather than placing the blame on somebody without the facts, Just congratulate the firemen on their hard work.

Ashley Dempsey


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